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Often we get asked “What is 1Campfire?”, a question that has no single answer. 

1Campfire is a feeling, a passion, a drive and a deeply rooted belief for the future.


1Campfire is mine. It’s yours. 


It’s everyone who cares about fish, wildlife, the outdoors, and all its pursuits. If you’ve ever wondered in amazement at the sunrise, the sunset, the mountains to the ocean, 1Campfire is yours as well. Everyone is welcome around our Campfire, so pull up a seat…we have a story to tell.

Let’s begin with honesty.

1Campfire was created by hunters.


By hunters that could not understand how in a world where local, organic, free-range, and

sustainable food procurement were so popular, hunting could be so grossly misunderstood.


By hunters concerned with the absurd, often toxic, and utterly non-constructive way critically important environmental subjects like wildlife populations, habitat and ecosystem protection, and wilderness access were being dealt with in the digital era.


By hunters that finally realized… we had ourselves to blame.


We weren’t telling our full story. At least not in a way that connected with and made sense to other outdoor enthusiasts.


To be clear, we are proud to be hunters. But, we have done a poor job of inviting others into our world.


1Campfire was built to address this problem. To bring people that love the outdoors together. To inspire constructive dialogue. To tackle tough, but no less critical subjects.


Where inclusivity, empathy, and an open mind are the rule, not the exception.


Regardless of your outdoor lifestyle, we invite you to pull up a seat and learn more about what it means to be a hunter in the modern era. We’re not as different as you may think.

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